Products and Services

Client satisfacton of 100% is more than a goal --- it has been the cornerstone of the business since 2016

Post flight media production will be edited to the customers satisfaction before balance remaining is billed and stated that way in the contract. (ie. final pay due only after client is satisfied with the product)

In the event clients needs are larger than EQB View can provide, we will reach out to additional professionals in the industry and either team with them to perform the work or coordinate for them to provide the services via drone or whatever equipment is needed. Our partner network is solid across North America and has direct connection to international partners.

  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Aerial Support - documentaries, film, advertisement, marketing production
  • LAND – landscape architecture, land development and research
  • REAL ESTATE – showcase homes, marquee properties, commercial buildings/structures, farms, large acreage or tracks of land
  • LEGAL Confirmation – support forensic investigations, insurance claims and property assessments
  • CONSTRUCTION – progress reporting for commercial, residential and civil engineering (Now offering 2D & 3D Mapping service for limited number of clients) [Recent Aerials]
  • SPORTS/OUTDOORS - field events, wildlife areas, hunting leases
  • VIDEO/PHOTO EDITING - all client media will be edited to satisfaction, external digital media can also be formatted (DSLR/GoPro/Personal Cameras, Drone cameras)
  • STOCK Footage (added 2020) - High resolution pictures and video from all over North America (see link above)

Any type media capture we can deliver either internal or via partner network !

360 Panorama Example (click Map Link/Shaded Area Below)

Payment Options:

Standard Credit Cards (via Square),

Purchase Orders and/or PayPal