DJI Affiliate Store

DJI Affiliate Program is an online marketing platform that allows partners to promote DJI products online. EQB Views affiliation began in 2017 to promote specials and/or unique referral links via our website in order to promote Safe Flying of Drones and provide clients and customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of flying sUAS / Drones for personal pleasure or commercial use. We are committed to promote the safety and responsible use of the small unmanned aircraft.

Cut/Paste a link like this:

or click on a promotion. Check back often to see what DJI has to offer!

Need help deciding on what drone to buy? We are happy to help with that decision whether for hobbyist or commercial use !

As part of our commitment to fly safely and responsibly we're also happy to conduct training on DJI products whether purchased via our online presence or elsewhere. There is no charge for this familiarization training, all that we ask for in return is a review on social media in return !


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